The FAW are supporting the imperative Stonewall Rainbow Laces campaign which this year kicks off on the 25 November & runs through to the 12 December.

he Rainbow Laces’ campaign aim is to make sport everyone’s game, whilst focussing on inspiring, educating and encouraging allyship to support LGBT+ inclusion in sport.

During this campaign period alongside the initiatives across the game, FAW staff will also host an educational workshop on LGBTQ+ Inclusion in football as part of the PAWB Education Programme.

In recent years, the collective support of the Rainbow Laces Campaign across the UK has helped generate a huge amount of awareness around LGBTQ+ people in sport and helped foster positive attitudes towards LGBTQ+ people in sport and persuaded allies to play their part.

Sport and physical activity can bring so many benefits to our lives, not just in terms of our wellbeing, but also in the ways they bring people together. People from all walks of life can gain a sense of belonging and community through shared passion and LGBTQ+ people deserve to be a part of this. Stonewall share that you can help drive meaningful change by starting conversations with those around you and setting out clear commitments to making sports and fitness more welcoming for LGBTQ+ people.

You can play your part on Wednesday the 8th of December, where Stonewall are asking you to join the FAW on ‘Rainbow Laces Day’ in support of the LGBT+ community across sport.

On this day, please share a photo or video of you wearing the Rainbow Laces on your social media, using #RainbowLaces and tagging @StonewallUK.

You can visit stonewall.org.uk/rainbowlaces to purchase your Rainbow Laces and find out more about how you can play your part.


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